MP FILM is a leader in the field of film production related to the world of health and social communication
It also deals with the design, organisation and production of live events and communication campaigns with high artistic content

Founded in 2011 by Nicola Liguori and Tommaso Ranchino, it is based in Rome, Italy, with offices in Milan and in the United States in Miami, Florida


We create videos of every type and genre with high artistic content (films, web series, music videos, documentaries, adverts, short films, corporate videos, direct TV or streaming), guaranteeing a distinctive impact on the final audience. We take care of every stage, from drafting the script to distributing the finished product on the international market


We organise production for major events (such as concerts, installations, artistic events, conventions, festivals, shows, flash mobs), working closely with the client. We take care of every stage: preparation, researching the talent to use, locations, production, post-production and promotion


Starting from the client’s aims, we are able to design and manage ambitious social, artistic or commercial communication campaigns, promoted through current content (viral messages on the web, smartphone apps, video streaming, guerrilla marketing), or through traditional channels (print media, TV, radio, press conferences)

MP FILM stands out for the way it produces its content. Clients get a quality product, unique in its kind
This explains the widespread productions with the MP FILM brand across major media

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